Mukutmanipur, situated in Bankura district of West Bengal, is famous among the tourist for its natural beauty, beautiful sunset,lush green hills in the backset of the huge lake formed as a result of the Kangsabati Dam at the confluence of Kangsabati and Kumari rivers.The place is very popular among locals for picnic, the reason it’s better to avoid during late December and early January as a lot of locals and surrounding people come here for picnic. The place becomes overcrowded, they play loud music, leaves the leftovers waste in the place itself making it dirty.

How to reach from Kolkata ?

By train: Board a train from Howrah(HWH) to Bankura(BQA). From Bankura and you can get a bus directly upto Mukutmanipur or change bus at Khatra. You will get trains back from Bankura(BQA) to Howrah(HWH)

By bus: SBSTC and several private buses ply to Mukutmanipur. Night Services are operated by some private operators. Some timings of state buses are given here. However, it is advised to check before you travel as timings are subject to change. From Bankura and you can get a bus directly upto Mukutmanipur or change bus at Khatra.


By road: Distance from Kolkata to Mukutmanipur is 217 kms.
From Kolkata, take the 2nd Hoogly Bridge to avail Durgapur Expressway/Kolkata-Delhi Highway. From Dankuni, take a left turn and after 3:30 hours of driving via Arambag, Bishnupur you will reach Dhaldanga More. Bypassing Bankura town, continue straight towards Hatirampur to Khatra. From Khatra, take a right turn and another 10 kms. to Mukutmanipur.


Try having food in your hotel or lodge itself. You’ll also find a very few small eateries beside the lake. Some vendors may hike more price than usual as it’a a purely tourist spot, and you won’t find many options around.

My Experience

Sunset from Kangsabati Dam

I had boarded Rupashi Bangla Express from Santragachi at 06:25 and arrived at 10:15. I didn’t get a direct bus to Mukutmanipur, so I changed bus at Khatra. I reached at around 13:00. The place was quiet and not too many tourists were there as I expected. I went underneath the dam in the rocky terrain. Here you can sit on the rocks, soak your feet in the seeping water from the dam and enjoy the picturesque hills view. I went around the lake where I got to see a beautiful sunset. The entry road to the Lake features artworks. There is a park beside the lake which offers good views of the water body. You can also hire a auto-rickshaw to get around. After having a good time, I decided to return and got a bus towards Khatra at 17:30. I reached Khatra only to find the last bus (Jangalmahal, name of bus) for the day to Bankura left. I was supposed to board a train back to Kolkata. However, I was relieved to know about the several night bus services to Kolkata. The first one (Binapani,name of the bus) enrouted Ranibandh-Kolkata was at 20:30. I had some snacks and boarded the bus to Kolkata. I reached Kolkata at around 04:00 in the morning. However, you can stay there at the accommodations and visit the nearby places listed below.
My Expense: Howrah to Bankura Superfast category train: Rs. 100
Bankura to Mukutmanipur by bus: Rs. 30(approx.)
Mukutmanipur to Khatra by bus: Rs. 10
Khatra to Howrah by bus: Rs. 150
Food: Rs. 150
Total: Rs. 440

View from Kansabati Dam
Kansabati Dam
Kansabati Lake
Road towards Mukutmanipur

Nearby places to visit

Points to remember

  • Better to pre book hotel or lodge as options are limited.
  • It’s better to have meal in the hotel itself as food options are limited outside.
  • Vendors may ask for more price than MRP for its items, citing there aren’t too many options available.
  • If hiring auto-rickshaw, fix the fare beforehand boarding, as they have tendencies to charge more from tourists.
  • Public transport means fixed time buses, hired auto-rickshaws and trekkers ferrying local passengers.
  • Two SBSTC buses start from Mukutmanipur for Kolkata and Asansol at 04:00 and 15:15 respectively via Khatra, Bankura and Durgapur.


Other references


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