Susunia Pahar

Susunia Hills (1,200 ft),part of Eastern Ghats is situated in Bankura district of West Bengal is of archeological importance. Some rare species animal like Lions, Hyena, Giraffe,etc. fossils had been found here. Several medicinal plants can be found here. The holy spring water of Dhara coming out of the curved stone projected spout is also said to have medicinal properties too. It also offers a mesmerizing view from the top of the hill. In summer temperatures are much higher. After monsoon, the mountain looks lush green.

How to reach from Kolkata ?

By train: Board a train from Howrah(HWH) to Bankura(BQA) or Chhatna(CJN). From Chhatna and Bankura, buses are available for Susunia. Distance from Susunia to Chhatna and Bankura are 12 kms. and 27 kms. respectively. You will get trains back from Chhatna(CJN) or Bankura(BQA) to Howrah(HWH).

By bus: From Bankura you’ll get buses for Susunia. Some timings of SBSTC buses are given here.

By road: Distance from Kolkata to Susunia is 198 kms
From Kolkata, take the 2nd Hoogly Bridge to avail Durgapur Expressway/Kolkata-Delhi Highway. From Dankuni, take a left turn and after 3:30 hours of driving via Arambag, Bishnupur, take right turn from Dhaldanga More, and left from Moyrabandh More in Bankura town, then continue straight towards Chhatna. take a right turn from Kumarkuli bus stop and another 10 kms. to Susunia. Take right towards the hill.


There aren’t many eating options available except some small eateries. Paras are famous in Chhatna made of local jaggery.


  • Hike to the top of the hill to enjoy the beauty of the place and rich flora and fauna.
  • Fourth century inscriptions by King Chandravarma – This place can be visited from Siuli Bana village on the back side of the hill.
  • Holy Spring or Dhara – No one till date knows the origin of the water source, but is believed to come out from underground with rich minerals in it. It is said to cure many internal diseases upon drinking specially stomach problems. A company introduced packaged Dhara water to market but soon had to close as insects were said to be found in the packaged water. But the water there is absolutely pure. The temple beside Dhara is said to be very active(jagrata). In the month of Shrabon in Bengali calendar, a fair is held on the foothills where devotees come to take Dhara water to Shiv Temples across. After rain, the spring is said to increse for the next 3 days.

My Experience

I had boarded Rupashi Bangla Express from Santragachi at 06:25 and arrived at 10:30. Walking up to the main road, I got a bus to Susunia after 10 mins. After getting down at Susunia bus stop, I asked a local shop about the last bus for Chhatna, he told me it’s at 4:30pm, and it’s previous bus at 4:00pm. I rough calculated that in order to board the Rupashi Bangla Express back to Kolkata, I’d require to board the 4:00pm bus. The hill is visible now in a distance, I started walking towards the hill, and reached to the foot of the hill. There lies the Dhara or the holy spring and a temple, from where the climb to the hill starts. After about 30 mins. of climbing, I reached the top of the hill to the magnificient 360 degree of the surrounding plains. There were small stalls on way selling water and snacks. After spending some time enjoying the view, I started climbing down the hill. An occasional fair was going on the foot of the hill that time, so I spent some time there to come back to board the 4:00pm bus back to Chhatna. The bus came on time, however, while a few minutes designated stop in Susunia, a man boarded the bus and tried to tease two young girl, and assiociated with a fight with their male companion. As per my assumptions, I just reached few minutes before the time, boarded the Rupashi Bangla Express and reached Howrah at 10:00pm. However, you can stay at the accommodations and visit the nearby places listed below.
My Expense: Howrah to Chhatna by Superfast category train: Rs. 105
Chhatna to Susunia by bus: Rs. 10; Susunia to Chhatna by bus: Rs. 10
Chhatna to Howrah: Rs. 105
Food: Rs. 100 
Total: Rs. 330

Nearby places to visit

Points to remember

  • If you are going by public transport and want to come back the same day, please ask any locals about the last bus to Chhatna or Bankura, it’s probably at 4:30pm, and if you want to board Rupashi Bangla Express back to Kolkata, you have to board the bus at 4:00pm to Chhatna.
  • One or two small vendors selling water and other small snacks shall be there while hiking.


  • Murut Baha Eco Park
    Ph. No.: 70477 79272
  • Susunia Youth Hostel 
  • Susunia Forest Cottage  
    Ph No.: 9083254756, 03242 270270
  • Aranyak Guest House 
    Ph.No.: +91 3242 234201, +91 9434651188
  • Suvam Resort
    Ph.No.: +91 8101910373
  • Susunia Paridarshan Abas PHED  
    Ph.No.: 324250695
  • Kamalakanta Guest House
    Ph.No.: 096790 00999, 8250009832
  • You can find many accomadation facilities in nearby Bankura town too.

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