Baranti, a Santhal village located in Purulia district of West Bengal, is famous among the tourist for its beautiful landscapes, Baranti Hill in the backdrop of Muradi lake and some few other hills contributing to the natural beauty, lush green tropical forest in hills and surroundings (specially during monsoon), the Muradi dam, Palash trees which turns red during autumn. A perfect weekend trip from city to refresh you mind and spend some leisurely and lazy time in the lap of nature. Welcome your day by waking up to the chirping birds in the morning. The hills and lake looks beautiful in a full moon night. The aroma of the wet earth in monsoon is definitely refreshing. You can take a guide and go for a forest tour at the hills. The nearest town to Baranti in Asansol.

How to reach

By train: You need to go from Howrah(HWH) to Asansol(ASN) or Adra(ADRA) first, change train at Asansol towards the Adra section, or change train from Adra towards Asansol section respectively, and get down at Muradi(MDF).

Baranti Hill is 3.5 kms. from Muradi railway station and you can take up a auto.

While returning you can take a train back to Asansol or take a train back to Adra and change for Howrah.

By bus: SBSTC and several private buses ply from Kolkata to Asansol and back. Some timings of state buses are given here. However, it is advised to check before you travel as timings are subject to change.

By road: Distance from Kolkata to Baranti is 250 kms.  
From Kolkata, take the 2nd Hoogly Bridge to avail Durgapur Expressway/Kolkata-Delhi Highway. After 223 kms of drive, take left from Dendua – Neamatpur Four Point, another 23 kms will take you to Erekusum. Take Mejharadi Road towards Muradi.

My Experience

It was a fine morning as I boarded Black Diamond Express from Howrah Railway Station at 06:15. I had planned to visit the place in day and return by night. The train left on time and reached Asansol Railway Station 10 min. late its scheduled time at 09:41. The unauthorized vendors on the station mainly sold very low quality Idly for breakfast. After waiting for a while Bardhaman-Purulia Passenger arrival was announced which would take me to Muradi Railway Station. The train was around 15-20 min. late. It dropped me at Muradi at around 12:00pm. There were rickshaws to take me to the hill, however I chose to walk all the way to the hill while seeing the villages, observe its culture and feel the surrounding. I opened my Google Maps to figure out the way and it took me 30 mins. of walking through deserted mud road with some villages in between to reach to the foot of the hill. A circular road surrounds the hill, so whether you take a left or a right will meet at the entrance of the dam road on the other side of the hill. I chose to take the road going left and return from the road coming from right. Some villagers were observed taking their cows and goats for grazing. Upon arriving on the other side of the hill, the large Muradi dam came to view. I started walking through the lakeside road till where it ends enjoying the magnificient view of the Muradi lake and green agricultural land against the backdrop of the Baranti hill and other surrounding hills and lush green forest just after monsoon. In autumn however, the hills are said to turn red featuring the Palash flowers. While I was taking my time, enjoying and feeling the natural surrounding beauty, two tourist packed cars rushed to the spot. The tourists seemed to be in a very hurry and after some selfies and photos, within 5 mins. seemed to rush to their next destination. After spending around 1 hr 30 min around the lake, walking down the lakeside road and sitting by the lakeside for quiet a few time, it was time to return. I took the other side road of the circular hill road and within 30 mins. reached Muradi Railway Station. I caught the train to Asansol and from there late running weekly Lal Quan Express to reach Howrah by night. However, you can stay at the accommodations and visit the nearby places listed below.
My Expense: Howrah to Muradi via Asansol by Superfast category train: Rs. 100
Muradi to Baranti and back to Muradi: Walking
Muradi to Howrah: Rs. 100
Food: Rs. 100 
Total: Rs. 300

Nearby places to visit

Points to remember

There have been incidents on the way to the hill in cars, where tourists are forced to stop by the villagers(specially children, however adults keep an eye on them from a distance) by keeping bamboo on the road and blocking their way and asking for money. After giving them money, there can be another group following the same modus operandi ahead on the same road. Though it is said that police is also assiociated with it and a part goes to them, still it’s advised to keep the local Police Station number; Ph.No.: 03251-282040.


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