Joychandi Pahar

Joychandi Hill situated in the Purulia, West Bengal derives its name from Sri Joychandi Mata Temple situated on the top of the hill. It is emerging as an important tourist spot among locals and tourists. It is a very popular for rock climbing as well. A stairway from the foot of the hills lead to the temple at the top of the hill. It offers a picturesque view from the top. In summer temperatures are much higher.

Stairs to the top of the hill

How to reach from Kolkata

By train: You need to go from Howrah(HWH) to Asansol(ASN) or Adra(ADRA) first, change train at Asansol towards the Adra section, or change train from Adra towards Asansol section respectively, and get down at Joychandi Pahar(JOC) .

Joychandi Pahar is 1.5 kms. from Joychandi Pahar railway station and you can take up a auto or simply walk.

While returning you can take a train back to Asansol or take a train back to Adra and change for Howrah.

By bus: SBSTC and several private buses ply from Kolkata to Raghunathpur. Some timings of state buses are given here. However, it is advised to check before you travel as timings are subject to change.

By road: Distance from Kolkata to Joychandi Pahar is 270 kms.  
From Kolkata, take the 2nd Hoogly Bridge Durgapur Expressway/Kolkata-Delhi Highway. After 223 kms of drive, take left from Dendua – Neamatpur Four Point, another 45 kms will take you to Raghunathpur. Turn left and take Adra Road. Just after crossing ITI, turn right for Joychandi Pahar.


There are a few small shops selling snacks and soft drinks at the foot of the hill, elsewhere there aren’t many options available.


Climb the stairway to the top of the hill, visit Sri Sri Jaychandi Mata Temple and enjoy the view of the surrounding plains. You may also find rock climbers training on the hill. A fair is said to be held in the last weeks of December.

My Experience

It was a fine Sunday morning as I boarded Akal Takth Express from Kolkata Railway Station at 07:40. The train left on time and reached Asansol Railway Station 3 min. prior its scheduled time at 10:32. The unauthorized vendors on the station mainly sold very low quality Idly for breakfast. After waiting for a while Bardhaman-Purulia Passenger arrival was announced which would take me to Joychandi Railway Station. The train was around 15-20 min. late. It dropped me at Joychandi at around 12:15pm. There were rickshaws to take me to the hill but I chose walking all the way as the hill was visible from the railway station and opened my Google Maps to figure out the way. It took me 30 mins. of walking to reach to the foot of the hill where there are a few small shops offering snacks and some soft drinks. Some said there are approx. 500 steps to the top of the hill. It took another half an hour to climb the stairs to the top. There was the Sri Joychandi Mata Temple and a 360 degree view of the surrounding place. After admiring the beauty of the place under scorching Sun for sometime and taking a few photographs, I started climbing down which took half the time it took while climbing up. At the foot of the hill, I had a masala lemon drink for Rs.5, and as it seemed I was running a bit late to be able to board the train back to Asansol. So I asked the shopkepper if there is any shortcut to the railway station as it could be seen just a few steps away, but the main road was a bit zigzag. He showed me a shortcut through the field and asked me to ask any villagers if lost. I reached the station on time but the train which was scheduled was around 15 mins. late. I reached Asansol and boarded weekly Lal Quan Express back to Howrah. However, you can stay there and visit the nearby places listed below.
My Expense: Howrah to Joychandi Pahar Railway Station via Asansol by Superfast category train: Rs. 105
Return to Howrah: Rs. 105
Food: Rs. 100 
Total: Rs. 310

Panaroma view of the Joychandi Pahar and surounding
Sri Sri Joychandi Mata Temple on the top of the hill

Nearby places to visit


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