Panchet Dam

Panchet Dam located in Dhanbad district, Jharkhand is a picturesque dam on Damodar River constructed by DVC.

How to reach

By train: Board a train from Howrah(HWH) to Kumardubi(KMME). Beware not to take an auto rickshaw from outside Kumardubi station as they are not enrouted towards Panchet Dam and they might encourage you to reserve an auto at a much higher rate than usual fare. Take a auto rickshaw from Chirkunda market; GT Road and Purulia Road junction,10 mins. walk from railway station enrouted Panchet Dam . You will get trains back from Kumardubi(KMME) to Howrah(HWH).

By bus: SBSTC and several private buses ply from Kolkata to Barakar and Asansol and back. Several local buses are available from Asansol to Chirkunda market. Some timings of state buses are given below . However, it is advised to check before you travel as timings are subject to change ;
SBSTC: From Kolkata to Barakar: 15:45
From Barakar to Kolkata:Nil

By road: Distance from Kolkata to Panchet Dam is 250 kms.  
From Kolkata, take the 2nd Hoogly Bridge to avail Kona Expressway, keep to your right and take to flyover going towards Durgapur Expressway/Kolkata-Delhi Highway. Take left towards Barakar Road before Barakar River bridge, right from Old GT Road, cross the river, then left towards Purulia Road, again left from Patlabari.

My Experience

I boarded the Black Diamond Express early morning in Howrah at 06:15 and got down at Kumardubi Station at 15-20 mins. behind schedule. I had my breakfast at an local eatery where I asked the guy how to reach the Dam as I wasn’t aware of the place much. He told me the autos standing outside the station aren’t enrouted towards the dam, however I can get one from the market. After I got to the main road, I mistook it as the market which was 10 mins. walk away, I asked an auto driver about going. He encouraged me to reserve the auto for a hefty amount of Rs.100, that too not upto the dam but somewhere before that. While I asked to lower the rate a bit, he agreed at Rs.70 to the fact he’d take in more passengers. As I wasn’t aware about the fares, routes, the driver fooled me which I would realized later. He dropped me to a locality before the dam, and I had to walk another 15 mins. to the dam. Once I reached, I was overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the lake and the Panchkot hill behind. As it was a cloudy day, clouds could be seen stuck at the upper part of the hill, looking more like of a hill station. The rocks out on the river bed opposite the lake side of the dam added to the beauty of the river that could be seen curved after a few meters. After spending a couple of hours slowly crossing the dam and enjoying the natural beauty around, it was time to return. Seemed to be an auto rickshaw stand on the other side of the dam which were enrouted for Chirkunda market. I quickly got into one, and it started its journey by again crossing the dam and reached Chirkunda market within minutes and the fare was just Rs.15. Kumardubu Railway Station was just 10 mins. walking. I realized I was fooled by the auto rickshaw driver while in the morning while getting to the dam. I hope you take the lesson and do not repeat it. However, I had my late lunch and boarded the Black Diamond Express back to Howrah. However, you can stay there and visit Garhpachkot and nearby places listed below.
My Expense: Howrah to Kumardubi by Superfast category train: Rs. 100
Kumardubi to Panchet Dam by auto: Rs. 70 (cheated)
Panchet Dam to Chirkunda market by auto: Rs. 15
Kumardubi to Howrah: Rs. 100
Food: Rs. 100 
Total: Rs. 385

Panchkot Hill
Damodar river opposite side of the reservoir

Nearby places


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