Biharinath Hill

Biharinath Hill situated in Purulia, West Bengal is the tallest hill of Bankura District and
second highest hill in sub-Himalayan West Bengal. It is 451 m high. There’s a old Shiva Temple at the base of the hill. There’s an easy trek from the base of the hill to the top. It is recommended to visit here around winters as summers are very hot. Biharinath Tourist Point is the only place where a restaurant exists nearby the area.

How to reach from Kolkata

Gateway 1: Via Asansol and Madhukunda
By train: Board a train from Howrah(HWH) to Asansol(ASN), change train towards Adra section and get down at Madhukunda. You will find trekkers directly to Biharinath or buses upto Ituri, from where you can get trekkers or buses to Biharinath. Return similar way upto Madhukunda and board a train towards Asansol and further upto Howrah.

Gateway 2: Via Raniganj and Mejia
By train: Board a train from Howrah(HWH) to Raniganj(RNJ). Take a cab upto Biharinath or take a bus(very less buses ply in the section) upto Ituri and you’ll get buses or trekkers from Ituri upto Biharinath. Return similar way upto Raniganj and board a train towards Howrah.

By bus: SBSTC and WBTC and several private buses ply between Kolkata & Asansol. Board one & get down at Raniganj and board a bus towards Ituri and then to Biharinath or better take a cab. Some timings of state buses between Kolkata & Asansol are given here. However, it is advised to check before you travel as timings are subject to change.

A SBSTC bus plies between Saltora & Kolkata. You will get direct bus to Biharinath from Saltora or have to change at Ituri. Timings are given below:

  • Kolkata to Saltora – 05:15
  • Saltora to Kolkata – 12:30

By Road: Distance from Kolkata to Biharinath is 225 kms.  
From Kolkata, take the 2nd Hoogly Bridge to avail Durgapur Expressway/Kolkata-Delhi Highway. After 200 kms of drive, take left from Raniganj, right from Mejia, and right before Saltora towards Biharinath.

My Experience

The Akal Takth Express arrived 20 mins. late at Asansol and announcements were being made for the Bardhaman-Purulia Passenger which I’m supposed to board upto Madhukunda. As I got down at the Madhukunda Railway Station, I saw almost every passenger running down the platform towards the main road. I got along slowly and discovered a few trekkers and a bus standing on the main road en route Madhukunda-Raniganj via Saltora. The bus was waiting for the train passengers, probably the reason people were running to board it as it left soon after. I got down at Ituri, and asked a women about what were the options for reaching Biharinath. She said a bus is scheduled to arrive at 12:20pm, just after 5 mins. The bus arrived and droped me at Biharinath within minutes and it was a 5 mins. walk upto the Biharinath Temple.

After praying, I started climbing the hill. I asked a few fellows who’re returning, about how much time it’d take to climb up, they replied it’ll take around one and half hours. First few minutes were not-so-steep walk through the forest, then it became a bit more steep and I’d to use four of my limbs to climb the rocks. Often some places were slippery and if not cautious, will go straight down the hill. The last few minutes were again not-so-steep walk through the forest, and at the top there’s a small Temple created with the rocks. I couldn’t able to see the view of the surrounding plain as it was forested, but got good views while climbing the steep rocks. It took me an hour to get to the top but just 45 mins. to get to the base again. I went to the temple once again and if you want, you can have food at the WBSFDC lodge restaurant. It was time to return as it was 2:30 in afternoon and I asked a woman about if any bus available to proceed towards Madhukunda. She said the bus had left, but a trekker is about to arrive. The driver of the trekker made me sit on his right side on a small box-type made, and passengers were made to sit and even half-sit in the most uncomfortable way possible, so that he can take up more passengers. Some passengers were probably made to sit on the lap of others and some were even half standing. However, I felt way comfortable sitting on a small box on the right side of the driver, half of my body outside, but no one sitting on my lap either and observe a good village view. It took me upto Ituri, from where a bus took me upto Madhukunda. I was lucky to reach just on time to be able to board the Purulia-Bardhaman Passenger back to Asansol. I boarded the Black Diamond Express back to Howrah and reached by 10 pm at night. However, you can stay there and visit the nearby places listed below.
My Expense: Kolkata to Madhukunda via Asansol by Superfast category train: Rs. 100
Madhukunda to Ituri by bus: Rs. 10
Ituri to Biharinath by bus: Rs. 10
Return similarly to Howrah: Rs. 120
Food: Rs. 100
Total: Rs. 340

Nearby places to visit


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