Why I Started Writing about Travelling ?

A Little About Me

School Days

I passed my Class 10 exams with good marks of more than 70% & decided to study science. My friends went ahead & got admitted in tutions classes because our schools were more interested in selling uniforms, books, notebooks, etc. & education was supposed to be learnt in these tution classes outside the school.

I too with the hope to get admitted in these tution classes with my friends asked my parents for the same only to find out that they had some other plans. My parents got me admitted in a Joint Entrance Coaching Class to help me get through Class 12 & JEE in one go. Here my classmates were way too ahead in the league with some even preparing for Olympiad & I felt like a goat in a horse’s race.

This place was basically for those who were preparing for higher level competitive examinations along with school studies & taught advanced level studies which was impossible for a student like me to grab. So, here I was sitting with top students preparing to top JEE & participating in Olympiad.

The 6 hours class was impossible for me to tolerate every sunday & after completing first half 3 hours, I used to run out from that place to save myself from further torture. However I couldn’t go back to my home either, so I used to take the fast local to Sealdah & explore the city of Kolkata which was very new to me back then.

My parents finally realised when I failed my Class 11 exams. At the end of the year, I knew every roads, bus routes & tourist destinations of Kolkata but nothing about what was taught in those classes.

Eventually I failed my Class 12 exams as well. I gave the compartment exams only to reduce the marks further. While many of my friends who also failed prepared to re appear next year, I was in no mood to continue.

College Days

My father probably had an idea that I’d fail so he filled out forms for exams to get admission to persue Diploma in what he was good at, Electricals. So, he tried to force me to persue Electrical Engineering which I had no interest in. Eventually I was able to stand up against him & call off his plans.

I was the smallest among my siblings of whom everyone was an engineer. I didn’t wanted to follow them like a sheep in a flock & wanted to do something different.

In search of what to study further, few of my friends enrolled for Hotel Management & it looked interesting to study about food, beverages, alcohol & work in lavish 5 star hotels. The first year went extremely well, & in second year I was sent to Jaipur for industrial training in a 5 star resort.

We had to work for about 14 hours everyday getting very less sleep. But I enjoyed a lot working there as I made very good friends with trainees from all over the country, got good food, & in off days enjoyed with my friends. I’d never stayed away from my home before, yet those days still are my best days of my life.

When I used to go out to Jaipur for visiting destinations with my friends, I used to incur more expense & couldn’t go around the places the way I wanted. So, I started going out alone. I used to visit different tourist destinations, watch movies, eat outside all alone & loved it. For the rest of the months I used to only enjoy company with my friends in the room & used to visit the city alone.

Hotel Days

After returning to Kolkata & another 6 months of classes, I got a job in a 4 star hotel near Kolkata Airport. First few months went smooth & interesting learning new things with new people. However things started changing & it became intolerable to work there further & had to quit the job after working there for almost 18 months.

What’s Next ?

I initially planned to travel for a few months nearby & take another job after 2-3 months. So, after I left the job I went to Ladakh with one of my school friend with a tour company. Not to mention an amazing place but things that I didn’t liked about travelling with tour operators were the lack of flexibility, huge expense & travelling with old people. I like it more of a backpacker way than being touristy.

Tsomoriri Lake, Ladakh
Tsomoriri Lake, Ladakh

Next month I went to Gangtok alone & stayed for a week there going around places & knowing various destinations in North, East & West Sikkim.

Next month I went to Meghalaya alone & was my best solo trip till date. I had initially planned to visit only Shillong & Cherrapunji but after three more backpackers joined, I ended up cancelling my return ticket & visiting Dawki, Shnongpedang, Nongriat & Dzouku Valley Trial in Nagaland.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge
Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Next month I went to Darjeeling alone for 7 days where I haven’t gone before to experience the UNESCO World Heritage Toy Train & huge tea estates. I stayed in a backpacking hostel & travelled with the other fellow travellers.

Darjeeling Hostel Co-travellers
Darjeeling Hostel Co-travellers

Next month I went to Visakhapatnam, Araku Valley & was greeted by Cyclone Phethai but still had a great time.

My savings were over & I had to call off travelling to a different state every month.

I Started this Blog

Since I had developed a passion for travelling, I joined a lot of online groups & communities to learn more about various places & listen to other traveller’s experience.

However, I observed that most of the posts travellers posted for enquiry of a certain destination were spammed thoroughly at the comments section & their inboxes with every travel agents trying to sell their tour packages & no one or very less people actually helping them out or answering the questions they’d asked.

Often I’d the information they’re looking for but it was not possible to explain it in a single comment or message. That’s when I thought I should start writing about the places I’d visited & try to help the fellow travellers out who’d be enquiring about those places. I also started visiting the various districts of West Bengal now which I’d ignored.

I created this website & started writing about my travel experiences & guides. I used to see the queries & paste my link in the comment section. However, I got blocked from these groups as these groups were run by travel agents & tour operators in the name of helping travellers but actually spammed them instead.

Digital Marketing

I lost traffic to my blogs & was looking for new sources of website visitors. Thats when I started learning about Search Engine Optimization(SEO) & other aspects of Digital Marketing which are used to bring visitors to our site.

Today I’m a Digital Marketing Professional & has co-founded an Online Marketplace Startup in Kolkata.

All things have happened in a chained way where if one thing didn’t happened, the next thing wouldn’t have happened & today I wouldn’t have been where I am now.

I also took a gap year which is considered a sin but that was according to me the most productive year which helped me change my mindset, get out of the bubble & changed the direction of my career.

Today when I look back at those days when I failed my schools exams, had to exit hotel industry, & felt like a failure at everything whereas I saw others succeeding in their careers whatever they did & didn’t seem to fail at anything. I used to wonder, why me ?

Finally I understood why I fail, because I try. And those I thought were successful actually don’t try & played it so safe, they neither succeed nor fail, they remain in the same place their whole life. You don’t have the fear of drowning if you don’t get into the water.

Now I feel that if I had played it safe & so called “succeeded” like them, I’d have been one among the crowd with no identity & no purpose, but in a rat race frustated & depressed, working for money, living for the weekends.

I don’t know what lays ahead but life has been interesting so far, not the usual boring school, college, job, marriage like the rest & neither do I want one. Ready to face the challenges ahead with no intention to follow the crowd like a sheep in a flock.

Are you going to follow the crowd or create your own path. Let me know in the comments below.

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