Taki is a border town in the banks of Ichamati River in 24 Parganas(N) in the state of West Bengal. Taki is emerging as a major tourist destinations for weekend travelers specially from Kolkata who can spend a day or two away from the city hussle near the banks of the Ichamati River of which the other side is Bangladesh, the reason which is making Taki a crowded place specially in winters and the place is losing its natural charm as guest houses and resorts are coming up in large numbers to cater to the increasing number of tourists. The area around Taki ghat is very famous among locals for picnic specially in December and January. To avoid crowd, avoid these two months.

How to reach Taki

By train: Board a train from Sealdah going towards Hasnabad. Get down at Taki Road railway station which is just before Hasnabad. There are some trains starting from Barasat towards Hasnabad. You can find the time table of UP here and DOWN here.

By bus: WBTC plies a single bus in a day on route Hasnabad to Barasat/Esplanade(E37) via Taki, Basirhat, Barasat. It starts from Barasat at 17:30 & leaves Hasnabad at 06:00 in morning upto Esplanade via Barasat. Several private buses ply on route Hasnabad to Rajabazar(Kolkata) via Malancha, Science City, Sealdah. Hasnabad is 3 kms from Taki.

By bus: WBTC & private buses ply buses from Kolkata to Taki/Hasnabad. (Hasnabad is 3 kms. from Taki). Timings are as follows:

  • WBTC – E37 Barasat (17:30) -> Hasnabad (06:00) -> Barasat via Taki
  • WBTC – D32 Barasat (13:30) -> Samsernagar (07:00) -> Barasat via Taki
  • WBTC – E62 Esplanade -> Sitalia -> Esplanade via Hasnabad
  • Private – Rajabazar -> Hasnabad (Frequency basis)

By road: Distance from Kolkata to Taki is 70 kms via Basanti Expressway. Take left from Malancha and stick to the main road to reach Taki.

Top 10 Attractions in Taki

Taki Ghat, Taki Rajbari, Jora Mandir, Roy Choudhury Jamidar Bari, Taki Bishram Baganbari, Nolkup, Taki Golpata Forest(Mini Sundarban), Taki Eco Park, Boat ride to border and mohona.
You can reserve an e-rickshaw to go around the town or to go to the banks of Ichamati River.

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My Experience

We were planning a day’s tour from Kolkata where we can start from our home in the late morning and return from evening yet can enjoy as much as a vacation. Many suggessions including Antpur, Gongoni but Taki was finalized. Three of us boarded the 12:15 Hasnabad local from Sealdah and reached Taki Road station around 14:30. We had a talk with Raja(9932364645), a toto driver at the railway station who agreed to take us around Taki at Rs. 200. I found it cheap as I’ve heard from other tourists who have been demanded upto Rs. 700 for the same. He first took us to the Taki Ghat where we got our first sight of Ichamati River of which the other side is Bangladesh. We had our lunch at the Taki Municipility Guest House.

The toto driver introduced us to the Sashmul Mangrove which is mainly seen in Sundarbans but since it’s near Sundarbans, a few such mangrove can be seen here. Our toto cruised by the sides of the river. Our next destination was Roy Chowdhury Zamidar Bari where India’s first Army General Shankar Roy Chowdhury lived. The house is a old one renovated and well-maintained, but you can get the heritage touch once you get to his Meeting Place(Baithak khana) where he used to hold meetings and spend time, and some of his furnitures were probably there inside a locked room which you can see from the tall windows. Durga Puja is celebrated in a big way at this house.

Next we saw Nolkup which is a old defunct three storey tubewell, Then we went to Bishram Baganbari which is a old building where the shooting of famous Bengali film Goyner Baksho, Sankhachil and Jaya took place. It had beautiful well-maintained lawn with gardens, pond, a temple and you can also stay here. Even if you don’t stay you can enter the lawn. Then the toto driver took us to a old small hut where the shooting of the Bengali film Bisharjan took place.

Next we headed towards the Goplata Forest which is also known as mini-sundarban as it nearly resembles to the sundarbans which is not far from here. Entrance to the forest needs your ID proof and a Rs. 10 per person fee. The stretch inside was extremely slippery which leads to an open place where you can feel the nature fully and its beauty and get a sundarban feeling. Next we went on a boat ride which was on way of returning from Goplata forest back to Taki Ghat. The rates for Mohona ride are Rs. 700 for reserved and Rs. 30 on sharing of 25 person, and for near the Border ride, the rates are Rs. 800 for reserved and Rs. 40 on sharing of 20 person. These rates are told and charged from us by our majhi. However, it may vary if someone tries to fool you. We went on a reserved country boat with three of us with the majhi rowing through Ichamati river with two different countries on either side and a beautiful Sunset. The feeling was unmatched.

After boat ride we came to Taki Ghat and since there weren’t any train back to Sealdah that time, we decided to spend the time loitering around the river banks near the picnic spot to give a nice adda and where a riverside walkway is made and local people and tourists were hanging around.

We walked our way back towards Taki Road railway station and boarded our train back to Sealdah and reached by evening. Though we didn’t stay here but we’d suggest you to stay for a night in any of the accommodations mentioned below and enjoy a beautiful Sunrise the next morning behind the Ichamati River.
3 person Expense: Kolkata to Taki and back by train : Rs. 120(40 each)
Food: Rs. 300(100 each)
Get around: Rs.200(3 person by toto)
Boat Ride: Rs. 1500(optional)(on reserving for both Mohona(Rs. 700 reserved) and near Border rides(Rs.800 reserved)
Goplata Forest Entry Ticket: Rs. 30(10 each)
Total: Rs. 2150(717 each).


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